Logging In

Navigate your web browser to .  If your school uses Google, Microsoft, or Clever for SSO (Single Sign-On), you can click one of the corresponding buttons below, and login with your given credentials.

If your school doesn't use one of our three SSO partners, your Otus point person should be able to provide you with your new Otus login credentials.  Once you have access to this information, enter your username and password in the corresponding fields.

Viewing Teachers/Students/Classes

The first page you see after logging in is a list of all of your district sites.  Click on one of the site names to view a list of teachers belonging to that site.  You can use the drop down menus that appear to narrow your search by flag, site, or individual teacher name.  

You search students by name and flag by clicking the Students button below the Teachers button. You can search for a specific student by entering the first three letters of the student's first or last name in the search bar, or select the search button to view all students.

View Analytics

You can view assessment, attendance, recognition, participation, and standards analytics for any data you've recorded or uploaded into Otus.  To view analytics, click on the graph icon on the left side of the Otus app.

Use the Filter and Date picker to specify which student data you'd like to see for what time period.  For all multiple choice item-based assessments, you can view an item by item analysis of the assessment for the whole class by clicking Assessments, specifying which assessment, and running the report.

For more information on our analytics module, click here.

Getting Familiar with the Query Tool

For more information about getting the most out of your admin account, click here.

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