What is Available on the Student Profile?

Navigate to the Students tab of the Classes module. Then click on the student's name to see their Student Profile:

Included in the Student Profile are four sections:

  • Main Profile
  • Content
  • Reports
  • Information

There is also a place to edit student information by clicking on the pencil icon.

  • Grade Level, Gender, and Ethnicity/Race are unable to be edited here, as this information is pulled in from your rostering source.


Main Student Profile

1 - Recognitions: displays a bar graph of the number of positive and negative recognitions over the past 7 days.

2 - Participation: displays a bar graph of the number of times participation was logged over the past 7 days. 

3 - Selecting any column title in the gradebook will sort the gradebook alpha-numerically based on that column.

4 - Selecting the ellipsis will allow you to filter the gradebook by grading period.

5 - Selecting these three icons will change the display of the gradebook (fit grid / autosize columns / refresh grid).

6 - Selecting this dropdown menu will allow you to filter the standards gradebook by class.

7 - Selecting this ellipsis will allow you to filter the standards gradebook by standards, assessments, grading scale, mastery setting, or grading period.



1 - Select Portfolio to see all items in the student's portfolio.

2 - Select an individual portfolio item to see more details regarding that item.

3 - Select + Add Item to add an item to the student's portfolio.

4 - Select Blog to see all blog posts by that student.

5 - Select the individual blog post to see more details for that post.

6 - Select any post in this list to view its snapshot to the left.



1 - Can choose from 4 reports: Assessments, Recognitions, Attendance, and Participation.

2 - Can choose to view the report for all classes or just a specific class.

3 - While in the Assessments report, you can view the actual assessment by clicking on the title (applies to rubric, simple, and advanced assessments).

4 - While in the Recognitions report, you can add notes or delete recognitions that were given in your class only by hovering and clicking the ellipsis.

NOTE - If the student has 3rd Party Data, it will be available in this section of the student profile underneath the main table.



1 - The Groups tab will show you a list of the district groups the student has been assigned to.

2 - Family Contacts - you can view family contact information here. Clicking on the Family Contact title will allow you to edit the family contact information.

3 - Family Communication Log - clicking on the ellipsis next to a log entry will allow you to edit or delete that log. If other teachers have entered a communication log for that student, you will be able to see that entry in the list but not edit or delete it. *Note - clicking on the Family Communication Log title will give you a more descriptive list of the entries, including any notes left with each entry.

4 - Clicking on + Communication will allow you to enter a new communication entry.

5 - Notes - the default list displays the five most recent notes. Clicking on the Notes title will allow you to view a list of all notes left for that student. Clicking on a note will allow you to edit the note if you are its author. While you will be able to see notes left by other teachers, you will not be able to edit or delete them. 

6 - Clicking on + Note will allow you to add a new note.

7 - Attachments - clicking on this title will allow you to view all attachments for that student.

8 - Clicking on + Attachment will allow you to add a new attachment.

9 - Classes - this will show you a list of the student's classes. This is where you can remove a student from only your class(es).

10 - Grade Levels - will list the grade levels (if specified) for that student throughout different academic sessions.


Video Tutorial

Check out this video below to take you on a tour of the student profile.
Main Profile - 1:15
Content - 1:40
Reports - 2:20
Information - 3:05


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