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Student Profile: Information Section
Student Profile: Information Section

The Information section has details for student groups, classes, family contacts and communication log, notes, and attachments.

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The student profile serves as the home for individual student information. There are four sections to the student profile; Profile, Content, Reports, Information. This article addresses the Information section.

To Access the Student Profile:

  • Navigate to the Students tab of the Classes module. Click on a student's name to see their Student Profile:

  • From here, click the Information tab.

District Groups, Classes, and Grade Level(s)

District Groups

  • The first table in the Information section displays the district student groups this student is part of. Keep in mind, any teacher-created student groups will not be listed here.


Grade Levels

  • Here you will find the school years, sites, and grade levels that have been assigned to this student.

Family Contacts

Family contact information is also included in this section of the Student Profile. By default, only two contacts will be displayed. To see other contacts, or to edit existing contacts, click the Family Contacts title.

Family Communication Log

The family communication log displays any messages sent to family contacts through the Otus Mailbox, and also allows teachers and admins to add manual entries. By default, only the four most recent entries will display. To see other entries, or to edit existing entries, select the Family Communication Log title.


Teachers and administrators can add notes to the student profile, with the option to include the note on a report card. By default, only the five most recent notes will display. To see other notes, or to edit existing notes, select the Notes title.


You can view, add, or delete attachments in this section of the Student Profile. By default, only the three most recent notes will display. To see other attachments, or to edit existing attachments, select the Attachments title.

The other three sections of the Student Profile are as follows (click on any heading to see the article related to that section):

  • Points Gradebook

  • Standards Gradebook

  • Portfolio items

  • Blog posts

  • Assessment list

  • Recognition log

  • Attendance log

  • 3rd Party Data

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