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Add Attachments to the Student Profile
Add Attachments to the Student Profile

Teachers can upload any kind of file to the student record, which stays with the student account from year to year.

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The student profile serves as the home for individual student information. There are four sections to the student profile; Profile, Content, Reports, Information. This article addresses the Information section, specifically the process of adding attachments.

Many different file types can be added as attachment to a student's profile. Continue reading to learn more!

Add an Attachment

Follow the directions below to add an attachment to a student's profile.

  • Step 1: Navigate to the Classes module.

  • Step 2: Choose the class the student is in.

  • Step 3: Select the student.

  • Step 4: Select the Information tab.

  • Step 5: Scroll to the bottom of the page to the Attachments section and select + Attachment.

  • Step 6: Choose the type of attachment you'd like to add.

Video and Audio File Sizes:

  • If you are uploading a video or audio file that is prerecorded on your device, the maximum file size is 30mb.

  • If you are recording video or audio with your device directly into Otus, it can be up to 5 minutes long.

The new attachment will now appear on the student's profile. Note that the attachments are listed with the most recently added appearing first.

Select any attachment to view its contents.

Who Can View the Attachments?

  • Administrators: any administrator that has permissions to view the student will be able to view all attachments.

  • Teachers: Any teacher that has this student will be able to view all attachments.

  • Families: Family accounts are not able to see attachments on a student's profile.

  • Students: Students are not able to see attachments on their profile.

Delete an Attachment

To delete an attachment, select the trash can icon in the bottom-right corner of the assessment.

Select Yes to confirm:

Note - this action can not be undone; please delete attachments with caution.

Otus Live Video

Click to see a video from our Otus Live series on how to attach items to the student profile.

FAQ and Troubleshooting

Click to see FAQ and troubleshooting details.

Are the attachments removed from the student's profile each year?

No; unless manually deleted, all attachments remain on the student profile from year to year.

Can anyone delete an attachment?

Yes, any administrator or teacher that has access to the student is able to delete an attachment from their student profile.

Is there a limit to how many attachments can be added to a student's profile?

Although there is not a definitive limit, we recommend not exceeding 20-25 attachments for optimal performance, depending on the sizes of the files.

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