If you wish to view student performance on standards spanning across all assessments given, you can navigate to the Analytics module. 

Then to the Standards section at the bottom of the sub-menus on the left hand side.
The filter at the top right, that looks like a golf tee, will allow you to specify which classes, flags, students etc. you wish to include in your analysis. The drop down next to it will control the date range that data will be gathered from.

Beneath Standards Class Breakdown, you can specify which standard you would like to view, and to the right of that drop down, you can specify which grading scale will be used (some districts use a 3-term mastery scale, others may use a 4-term mastery scale).  Grading scales available to you can be created and shared from the district’s main admin account.  The default method for viewing standards grades is the single most recent time the standard was assessed.  Use the drop down to the right to change the method to mean, mode, highest, or decaying average.

You can download the table below by selecting Download CSV as shown in the image below. 

By clicking on an individual student’s name, you can view a history of their performance on the particular standard you’re viewing.  

The scatter plot will flow chronologically from left to right.  Hovering over each plot point will display which assessment the student achieved that particular score on.
You also have the option to view their performance as a bar chart.

Tutorial: How To View Standard Analytics

*What Are My Next Steps?*

Once you have viewed standard analytics, you may want to view analytics for specific assessments or run a report card. Select the articles below to learn more about Assessment Analytics and generating an Otus Report card! 

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