To view your students’ results in the Points gradebook, navigate to the Gradebook module.  From here, you can use the white drop down menu to specify which class you wish to view data in.

Each column after “Student Name” and “Total” (Which is the student’s total points for all assessments) is a single assessment starting with the most recent, and each row is the individual student’s score.  The status for each assessment can either be On Time, Late, Excluded, Excused or Missing.  Edits can be made to the assessment score or status by double clicking on that area. You can even add a comment by selecting the speech bubble! 

Mass Scoring and Status Change

Multiple students may need to receive the same score or have the same status. To do this, you can select all students or specific students so their scores and/or status is the same!
*This does not apply to commenting.

Standards Gradebook

In order to view students’ standard mastery for each assessment, select Gradebook, switch to the Standards tab, then select the class you wish to view!  

From this view, you will see the level of proficiency on all standards assessed in the selected class alphabetically from top to bottom. If you just want to look at one assessment, you can use the Assessment drop down, and if you’d like to look at a different grading scale, you can use the middle drop down.

Exporting and Printing Gradebooks

To print either of the gradebooks, look for the three dots in the top right corner of either of the gradebook spreasheets.

Select the three dots and download the spreadsheet as a CSV file. You can then open the file in your spreadsheet program (Microsoft Excel, Numbers, etc.) and print!  

Tutorial: How To Navigate Points Gradebook

*What Are My Next Steps?*

After you have viewed the points gradebook, you will most likely need to view the standards gradebook. To learn more about it, click on the article below!

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