❗Each group represents a collection of students. Assessments, Lessons, and Bookshelf Resources can be assigned to unique groups of students within the platform. It's a differentiation dream come true!

Create a Group

  • Step 1: Select Classes module, then Students.

  • Step 2: Select Students.

  • Step 3: Select the ellipsis at the top of the page and select Add to Group.

  • Step 4: Select New.

  • Step 5: Enter the appropriate title of the Group and select the color from the list. When satisfied, select Add.

❗Now your new Group is created and you can use it at any point in the future!

Assigning the Group

  • Step 1: Select the desired Group (or Groups) from the list

  • Step 2: Select the desired student(s)

  • Step 3: Select Save 

Otus Live

Below is a video from our Otus Live series on how to create student groups for differnetiation.

Student Groups FAQ

  • What can I use student groups for? Many things! You can assign assessments, assign lessons, and share resources with student groups. Here are some specific examples: give a modified assessment, share enrichment resources, identify students who need extra help, keep track of student clubs, such as Book Club....and many more!

  • How can I see what students are in each group? Click here to see how you can view the students in each group.

  • Is there a rule to the order the groups are listed for a student? Yes; the group indicators are listed alphanumerically left-to-right , first by district groups, followed by teacher created groups.

  • Can I share groups with other teachers? You can share groups by making teachers a co-teacher of your class. Any co-teacher of any class will be able to see and use the groups created for that class.

  • Who can see the groups I've created? Only you and any co-teachers in your class. Students, parents, administrators, and other teachers aren't able to see your student groups.

  • Who can add or delete new groups (or add/delete students from groups)? Only the teacher and any co-teachers of the class.

  • What's the difference between a solid and half-shaded circle? The solid circle represents a teacher created group. The half-shaded circle represents a district created group.

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