Otus allows you to upload any kind of 3rd party scores by specifying a minimum score and a maximum score, setting some target sets, and uploading a CSV file with student emails, attempt name and date, and scores.

Fore more info on how to upload 3rd party assessment data, click HERE.

Once the data is uploaded to Otus, you can analyze it by navigating to our analytics module. 

This page will show you a tile for every 3rd Party assessment you have uploaded into Otus. Click the tile with the data you wish to view. Each custom assessment can contain multiple tests with multiple attempts, in case your 3rd party assessment company tests multiple times a year, or tests different subjects.  Once you've selected the proper tile, select the assessment you'd like to see for that company, and a target set you'd like to show referenced in the analysis.

Once you've made your selection, scrolling down will display a graph with all attempts along the x-axis, and the average score for the group you're viewing along the y-axis.  You can filter between students, classes and teachers at the top of the page. The example below is showing COGAT scores, with a separate attempt name for Verbal, Quantitative, Nonverbal, Composite VQN, and Composite QN.  Then, the user scrolls up to the top to view their filters.

As you scroll down, you'll view an individual breakdown as a horizontal bar graph, with color coded groups for each set of students in a different target set.  Switching the target sets allows you to switch the way the horizontal bar graph groups scores. By selecting a section of the bar graph, you can create a flag for students in that section.

At the bottom of the analytics page, you will see a spreadsheet with a row for each student who attempted the assessment.  Switch between different attempts with the drop down at the center.  Click on a student row for an individual breakdown of their scores for this assessment.  You can also use the checkboxes on the left to select students and add them to a flag. 

For a .CSV file of the spreadsheet you're viewing, click Download CSV.

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