A lesson is a collection of activities that are interrelated.  Teachers can use the lesson module to share both bookshelf and external resources, all in one step-by-step digital lesson.

Create the Lesson

From the Lesson module, you can click Create Lesson in the top left corner.

Here, you can title your lesson, and give students any guidance on how to progress through the different modules of your lesson.

There are 3 ways to add a module to a lesson:

  • Add Directions - This adds a module with no external or bookshelf resources.  You'll be able to label the module, provide directions, and upload a photo to go with the module tile.
  • Add from Bookshelf - This adds a module with an item from your bookshelf.
  • Add New Resource - This adds a module that you will provide more information for as you're adding it.  You can choose from uploading a File, Link, Image, Recorded Video, Youtube Video, Audio, Google Drive File, OneDrive File, or a Custom Page ( you can include embedded content with this resource type).

Preview the Lesson

If you'd like to preview your lesson, click on the ellipses while in the Drafts, then select Preview.

Assign the Lesson

Once you've added all the modules you wish to include, you can Assign it immediately, or Save & Exit to edit or assign it in the future.

-Select the class you wish to assign to.
-Select specific groups of students you'd like to assign to, if need be.
-Select the due date (optional).
-Toggle the "Students must complete lesson activities in order" on or off.
-Once complete, click the purple "Assign" button at the top right corner. The number in parenthesis is the total number of students being assigned this lesson. 

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