Teachers can add a co-teacher to a class. There are two ways to add co-teachers: one at a time, or by CSV upload.

To Add Co-Teachers One at a Time:

Step 1: From the Classes module, select the class tile you wish to add a co-teacher to.

Step 2: Select Class Info. Scroll to the bottom to the Teacher section.

Step 3: Add the co-teacher

  • Type in the full email address (do not add a space after the email) .
  • Hit ENTER on your keyboard.
  • Select the email address (it will pop up just beneath the search bar).
  • Select Add.
  • Select Save.

NOTE: (If the Save button is not active, please be sure that all drop down options are selected (grade level, language, etc.).

To Add Co-Teachers via CSV Upload:

You can also add co teachers by CSV upload if you want to add multiple co-teachers a time:

Step 1: Select Download Template.

Step 2: Fill out the template (do not change any headings). 

Step 3: Upload the template by selecting Choose File, then Upload.

Step 4: Select Save.


Main Teacher vs. Co-Teacher

A co-teacher of a class has the same capabilities as the main teacher of the class, however, there are a few things to take note of:


  • Co-teachers can view assigned lessons from the main teacher and vice versa.
  • Co-teachers can not edit or view draft lessons from the main teacher and vice-versa.*


  • Co-teachers can access and grade assigned assessments from the main teacher and vice versa.
  • Co-teachers can not edit or view draft assessments from the main teacher and vice-versa.*

The Mailbox:

  • If a family member or student replies to an email sent from the Otus Mailbox, that reply is only sent to the original sender of the message, not both the main teacher and co-teacher.
  • Co-teachers can view all email communication in the Family Communication Log.

Report Cards: 

  • When printing report cards, only the main teacher of the class will be included on the report card.


  • Co-teachers aren't able to add/remove other co-teachers to the class they are a co-teacher of. Only main teachers can add/remove co-teachers.

*Why can't I see the draft lessons and assessments? 

Since draft lessons/assessments are unique to the account they were created in, only the creator of the lesson/assessment can preview it. For privacy reasons, the only one that can see your draft lessons/assessments is you; you aren't able to see other teacher's draft lessons/assessments. If you'd like to preview a lesson/assessment made by another teacher, you can ask the teacher to share the lesson/assessment with you.


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