Please Note - Standards Analytics has upgraded to 2.0! Standards Analytics 1.0 is still available, but if you'd like to see the most updated version, click HERE.

This article is broken into the following parts:

  • Part 1: Find the Standard Analytics
  • Part 2: Summary Bar Graph and Table
  • Part 3: Individual Student Performance
  • Part 4: Exporting


Part 1: Find the Standard in Analytics

Step 1:    Navigate to Analytics and Select Assessment.

Step 2: To change the date range, click the Calendar Icon.

Step 3:    To view the optional filters, click the Filter Icon. Note - the number of available filters depends on whether you are in a teacher account or admin account. Admin accounts will have more filters.

Step 4
:    Choose the standard, grading scale, and mastery setting.

Step 5:    Click Run Report (if filters were chosen; otherwise, the results will automatically generate).

*Note - if your assessment does not appear in the search list, try changing the date range in the upper-right corner to All Time


Part 2: Summary Bar Chart and Table

Horizontal bar Chart - Overall Scores

  • Shows the percentage of students that fell into each performance level
  • Clicking on a section shows you a list of students, as well as allows you to add those students to a Group (or create a new Group)

Table - List of Student Performance

  • Table will list the student's first name, last name, and performance level
  • Clicking on the open check-boxes next to the names will illuminate the Manage Groups button in the upper right corner - from there, you can add those students to an existing Group (or create a new Group)


Part 3: Individual Student Performance

Clicking on an individual student will give you two different views:

Performance History - Dot Plot

  • Will show each time the student has been assessed on that standard *note - only shows results for the dates you have selected in the date range
  • Hovering over each dot will show the assessment name, date, and performance level

Summary - Bar Chart

  • Takes the same information from the Performance History Dot Plot and puts it in the form of a bar chart.


Part 4: Exporting 

These two icons indicate an export or download is possible.

That's it! You've now learned how to view Assessment Analytics!

What Are My Next Steps?

Once you have viewed standards analytics, you may want to view analytics for specific assessments or run a report card. Select the articles below to learn more about Assessment Analytics and generating an Otus Report card! 

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