In your classes, you may wish to weight assessment categories in different ways. The concept of grade weighting is used when you want certain grades to be "worth" more than others. For example, you may want tests to have more of an impact on a student's grade than quizzes.

❗ Grade weighting is only available in the points gradebook.

➡️ How Does it Work?

  • Weights (percentages) are given to each of the categories used (for example, Tests = 60%, Quizzes = 30%, Assignments = 10%).

  • The sum of the weights needs to be 100.

  • The percentage earned for each category is calculated, then multiplied by the weight it has been assigned; this represents the weighted category score. Once all weighted category scores have been found, they are added together to determine the final percentage.

➡️ Example Weighted Grade Calculation

  • To see an example of a raw score calculation vs. a weighted grade calculation, click here.

➡️ How to Set Weighted Grades in Otus

  • Step 1: Navigate to your Gradebook module.

  • Step 2: Select the ellipsis in the upper-right corner.

  • Step 3: Select Weighting.

  • Step 4: Type in the desired assessment category weight. Percentages typed here must add up to 100.

  • Step 5: To save the weighting, click anywhere outside of the weighting window. You will see a green popup message that says "Gradebook weighting saved successfully".

➡️ Things to Note:

  • Weighting grades has the potential to drastically change students' final grades in the gradebook depending on the weights given to different categories. There is no definitive rule as far as the student's grade being higher or lower if weights are turned on; it all depends on the weights given to each category and the student's scores in those categories. If you want to practice with weighted grades, here is a resource that allows you to try it out.

  • If grade weighting is turned ON, the points earned / total points ratio will no longer display in the gradebook. This is to avoid confusion among those trying to calculate the grade when grade weighting is on.


  • Can I re-set the weighting? Yes, you can change the weighting at any time; just follow the same steps as listed above. If you need to remove the weighting altogether, follow the steps above, and at Step 5, select "Clear Weighting".

  • Can I set the weighting for all of my classes at the same time? No, weighting is set on a class-by-class basis.

  • I am an administrator; can I set school or district-wide weighting for all gradebooks? That is something the Otus Team can do for you; reach out to your Otus Account Manager, Otus Technology Coach, or to the Otus Support Team using our chat feature, and we can help get that set up for you!

  • Why isn't weighting available in the standards gradebook? Standards-based grades do not have numerical values. Numerical values are needed for grade weighting.

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