The Plus (+) Assessment feature allows teachers to quickly enter data for assessments you’ve given outside of Otus (observation, exit, slip, etc.. ) and connect it to standards. This assessment is created directly in the points or standards gradebook.

💡 Tip from the Otus Team: the process for adding a plus assessment is the same for the points and standards gradebook.

Step 1: Navigate to the Gradebook Module

Step 2: Select the + symbol just above the First Name column

Step 3: Fill out the assessment information.

  • Assessment Title: type in the title of your assessment.
  • Type: choose from the various assessment types available.
  • Points: determine the number of points it is worth (only available in the points gradebook).
  • Link Standards: choose which standard(s) to link the assessment to (this is required in the standards gradebook, but optional in the points gradebook).
  • Submission Date: similar to a due date - it is a date stamp for when the grade was entered into the gradebook. You can future or past date if you wish.
  • Add to: choose the class or classes you wish to assign it to.
  • Include Score in Final Grade: toggle off if you don't want this assessment to be included in the calculation in the student's final overall grade (this is not an option in the standards gradebook).

➡️ Need to edit your Plus Assessment, such as the submission date or title? Click here for more information.

Step 4: Add the grades.

Points Gradebook:

If you added this to the points gradebook, double click to add the student's score.

  • You can score multiple students at once by selecting the checkmark to the left of the student names.
  • You can change the status by double-clicking On Time and choosing from Late, Missing, Excused, or Excluded.

Standards Gradebook:

If you added this to the standards gradebook, click the applicable column to grade each student.

  • You can give all students the same grade by selecting Grade All before making your selection.

➡️ Need to access the assessment again to enter additional grades? Navigate to your assigned assessments, find the name of the + assessment, and click on it. That will take you back to that assessment to enter additional grades.


+ Assessment FAQs

  • How do I assign a + Assessment to only specific students? You can do this through the Manage Assignees section after the + Assessment has already been created. Check out this article for more information.
  • How do I unassign a + Assessment? Check out this article to learn how to unassign the assessment.
  • Can I clone a + Assessment? Since + Assessments are never actually in draft form, they are unable to be cloned. Creating a + Assessment is such a quick and easy process, therefore, making a new + Assessment with the same settings won't take long at all!
  • Can I assign a + Assessment to additional classes after it's been created? Additional classes can't be added to a + Assessment that has already been created. You will need to create a new + Assessment in the correct gradebook and select any additional class you'd like to be included from the dropdown menu.
  • I accidentally gave a grade to a student that I need to delete - how to I remove the grade without making it a 0? You can unassign and reassign the assessment to that student. That is done through the Manage Assignees section. Check out this article for more information.
  • How can I use + Assessment for extra credit? Make the assessment worth 0 points. This is only available in the points gradebook.


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