**If an assessment is un-assigned, any data that it has collected will be removed permanently.**

You can easily assign and un-assign assessments to individual students in your Assigned Assessments section.

From there, hover over the assessment you wish to manage, and click Manage Assignees.

Use the center drop-down menu to toggle between classes and check and uncheck boxes next to students’ names to assign or un-assign assessments.  You will have to confirm with the system each time you unassign an assessment, as there is a potential or data loss if the student has taken and turned in the assessment you're unassigning.
When you are finished making your changes, simply navigate to another page.

**Please remember that it is best to make sure that all students are taking the same strand of the assessment in order to view the data easily. If you realize that the same assessment has been assigned to a class more than one time, it is best to delete the duplicate assessment and manage assignees before students begin taking the assessment.  

Tutorial: How To Manage Assignees of an Assessment

*What Are My Next Steps?*

After managing the assignees of an assessment, you will soon need to grade it!
Click the link below to learn how to grade an assessment! 

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