An attendance report allows you to visualize both an attendance summary and individual attendance analytics per student.

Step 1: Navigate to the Analytics module and select Attendance

*note - the tab for the Analytics module may be further down in the menu, depending on the user type!

Step 2: Set the Date Range and Filters

  • The default view will take you to the current week. To change the time frame, select the Calendar icon.
  • Click the Filter icon to further define criteria for your attendance report. Note - the number of available filters depends on if you are in a teacher account or admin account. Admin accounts will have additional filters and will require the user to type in at least three characters to display options from the drop down menu for classes, students, etc.
  • Click Run Report

Step 3: Viewing Individual Student Data

  • Click on a student to see their individual breakdown. It will appear above the summary report.

That's it! You've now learned how to create an Attendance Report!

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