Attendance data can be uploaded to Otus for use in analytics and report cards. This article will help you prepare an export of your data for upload to Otus.

➡️ Filling in the Otus Template

  • Using an export of your data, you'll need to fill out a template to upload the information into Otus.

  • Please click here to download the .CSV template that you'll use to organize your existing data.

  • Data in all columns is required unless otherwise specified.

✅ Student Email (Column A, required): the students' email addresses must be the ones that are used for their Otus accounts.

✅ Teacher Email (Column B, optional):

  • This column is not technically required, but can be used if helpful.

  • If choosing to use this column, this email address must be that of the main teacher, not co-teacher.

  • This email address must be one of an active teacher account in Otus.

✅ Course ID (Column C, required): In this column, include the Section ID from your SIS.

✅ Date (Column D, required): Year, Month, and Day are required (YYYY-MM-DD)

✅ Status (Column E, required): These are the attendance options:

  • Present

  • Tardy

  • Absent

✅ Note (Column F, optional): This column is optional. You can attach a note to the attendance record using this column. There is no character limit.

Once you’ve compiled your students’ attendance data according to the Otus template, you are ready to go!

➡️ Share the Template with the Otus Team

  • The final step is to share your data with the Otus team. Please reach out to your Otus Client Experience Partner or to We will provide you with a link to use to securely share the completed .CSV file with Otus.

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