You can send an email or text message to family members from within Otus. You have the ability to send to a message to an individual family or a group of families and Otus will keep a running log of these communications for future reference.

From the home screen, select Classes

Select Mailbox from the secondary navigation window

Select a Class from the drop-down menu

Enter your message

Select whether to send a Text or Email to the family(ies). Please note that Text messages are only one way, cannot include pictures, and are sent 140 characters at a time. Text messages are intended to be brief messages.

Select the students or parents you wish to reach out to.  Clicking on the check boxes across from Students and Parents respectively will select all.

If you want to send right away, select Send

If you want to schedule the message for delivery at a later date and/or time, select the date picker below the text entry field.

Select the desired date and time from the calendar and time list that is displayed

Select Send

If you want to see the messages that are scheduled for future delivery, select Scheduled

If you want to view sent all sent messages, select Sent

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