View Standards Progress 

as a Teacher

When students complete assessments with items linked to specific standards, administrators and teachers are able to analyze student performance based on each individual standard.  

From the home screen, select "Gradebook".  There are two tabs to select from, POINTS and STANDARDS, select "Standards".

While in the standards gradebook, administrators and teachers can choose the class they're looking at, change the display type, grading scale, and which assessment they would like to view standards data for.  Standards will always be displayed alphabetically from left to right.

Additionally, student performance reports on each standard can be accessed through the standards gradebook. 

Administrators and teachers can see how students performed on each standard and which assessment the standard was linked to through a student's Standard Mastery graphs.

To view a student's performance history within a given standard, click on a student's score within a column.  Hover the cursor over each point on the graph to see the assessment and it's score linked to that standard.

A summary bar chart is another feature administrators and teachers can utilize.  Within the chart, one can see how many times a student was assessed on a standard, as well as their score range.

Viewing Standards Progress 

as a Student

Students are able to view their progress on a standard within the Standards Gradebook. Students will see the Points and Standards tab in their student account gradebook. To access the Standards Gradebook, students should select the Standards tab at the top right hand corner.

The default view of standards progress is set to most recent as shown in the picture below, but this can be changed to mean, mode, highest, or decaying average.  All standards the student has been assessed on will be displayed alphabetically from top to bottom.

Students can also choose to view only the standards that were tied to certain assessments in the Standards Gradebook by selecting the Assessments  drop-down menu. This is especially useful if students would like to compare their abilities from a pre-assessment to a post-assessment.

Students are able to click on each individual standard to see their Performance History for that standard over time and view a Summary Bar Chart!

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