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Assessments: General Information
Assessments: General Information
Articles for assigning, deleting, cloning, and other general aspects of Otus Assessments
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Link, View, or Remove Standards from AssessmentsLearn how to attach a standard to your assessments.
Link an Otus Assessment from Canvas LMSThis article explains how to link any assessment that has been created within Otus to a Canvas LMS assignment, announcement, or page.
Download a Missing Assessments ReportA missing assessments report can be downloaded from the Assessments Gradebook or from the Student Profile.
Unsubmit an AssessmentThis article will describe how you can unsubmit an assessment that a student has turned in.
Preview An AssessmentThis article will show how to preview a rubric, simple, advanced assessment, including an individual item in an advanced assessment.
Clone an AssessmentTeachers and administrators can clone (copy or duplicate) an assessment.
Deleting An AssessmentLearn how to delete an assessment from your account.
Assessment Folders: Keeping Assessments OrganizedCreate assessment folders, add assessment to folder, move/remove assessment from folder.
Leaving Comments on AssessmentsTeachers can leave general comments for students on their assessments.
Manage Assignees of an AssessmentThis article will help you assign and unassign assessments to individual students.
Unassign AssessmentsLearn how to unassign an assessment from your students.
Student Assessment Submission StatusStudent's assessments can have a submission status of On Time, Missing, Late, Excluded, or Excused (Exempt).
Locked Assessments: OverviewThis article will describe the behavior of locked assessments.
Assessments: Access After SubmissionHow students can access assessments after leaving or submitted
Assessments: Allow for RetakesThis article outlines different ways to allow students to retake an assessment.
Assessments: Edit the Title or Type (Category)This article will show you how to edit the title of your draft assessments.
Grading Scales: Points vs. Standards (Mastery Levels)This will explain the difference with choosing the points grading scale vs. a term grading scale when creating an assessment.
Assessments: My Folders vs. Shared With MeWhen an assessment is shared with you, it will be located in either your My Folders or Shared With Me, depending on its editing permissions.
Using Shared Assessment FoldersThis article explains how teachers and administrators can use assessment folders that are shared with them.
Assessments: Edit Grading ScaleThis article will go over how to clone an assessment in order to edit the grading scale used for the items in the assessment.
Otus Assessment Library FAQsA free library of pre-built teacher-created assessments and Simple, Advanced, and Rubric assessment templates available within Otus
Tips for Building Math Advanced AssessmentsThis article contains a list of tips from teachers and students regarding the creation of math Advanced Assessments.
Assessments: Editing Content of Assigned AssessmentsThis article outlines which edits made to the draft assessment will be visible on the assigned assessment.
How Students Turn in Missing AssessmentsAllow graded assessments with the status of missing to be submitted.
How to Add Audio to an AssessmentYou can add an audio recording to all Otus Assessment types. The article below goes through each type and how to do it.
How to Add Video to an AssessmentYou can add a video to all Otus Assessment types. The article below goes through each type and how to do it.
Printing AssessmentsLearn how to print an assessment (simple, rubric, and advanced).
How To Take a ScreenshotThis article will provide you with the basic steps of taking a screenshot on a Windows PC or a Mac.