There are two ways to leave comments on an assessment:

Option 1: From within the assessment grading page
Option 2:
From directly within the Points Gradebook


Option 1: From Within the Assessment Grading Page

  • Navigate to the assessment in the Assigned Assessments page. 

If it is an Advanced Assessment:

  • Click on Grade (or Regrade)
  • Click on the comment bubble in the upper-left corner
  • Add your comment and click Save

If it's a Rubric Assessment:

  • The comment bubble will be available directly on the grading page
  • Enter your comment and click Save

If it's a Simple Assessment

  • Click on Grade (or Regrade)
  • Scroll to the very bottom of the assessment
  • Click on Leave a Comment
  • Click Save


Option 2: From Directly Within the Points Gradebook

  • Navigate to your Points Gradebook
  • Select the comment bubble for the student/assessment you wish to leave a comment for
  • Enter your comment
  • Select Save


Tutorial: How To Comment on an Assessment (Advanced and from the Gradebook)

*What Are My Next Steps?*

After commenting on a student's assessment, you may want to add it to their Portfolio. 

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