You can assign any assessment in Otus to an entire class, group of students (flag), or individual student in order to personalize and differentiate learning for all.

First, select Assessments from the left-hand menu.

Place your mouse over the title of the desired assessment and select Assign

Select the desired class, flag, or individual student from the list. Note: leaving all flags checked will ensure that everyone in the class receives the assessment.  Once you select classes, only students in those classes will be assignable, so having extra flags won't bring any more students in the assignment pool.

Adjust any of the settings in the list before assigning the assessment to students. 

Assign Options

  • Due Date: Setting a due date will require students to submit the assessment by a certain date and time. If this is set, students will not be able to submit the assessment after the date and time.
  • Assign At Later Date: By toggling this on, it will allow you to create a start time for the assessment at a later date. Students will not be able to access the assessment until that date and time.
  • Grading Period: Choose the grading period that you would like the scores for this assessment to be added.
  • Timed Test: When timed test is selected, it will require you to enter the number of minutes that students will have for the assessment. After starting the assessment, students will have to complete the assessment within the allotted time.
  • Randomize Questions: This will randomly mix the order of the assessment questions for each student that takes the assessment.
  • Include score in final grade: This option will either include the score for this assessment in the student's final grade, or just allow it to be viewed in the gradebook for reference, but not tallied into the total. 
  • Allow assessment review post-grading? When the “Allow Assessment Review Post-Grading” box is switched to on, students will be able to re-enter their assessment and see both which answers are correct and which answers they provided.  That way, students can see where their errors occurred. 
  • Allow multiple attempts? When this is selected, students will be able to retake assessments multiple times.
  • Assessment Instructions: Any instructions added into this textbox will appear for students as they are taking the assessment.

Each of these options can be adjusted after the assessment has been assigned  by selecting the ellipsis next to the desired assessment on the Assigned Assessments page. From the next menu, select Edit to make changes to the assignment settings.

When ready, select Save. Students will be able to view and complete all assigned assessments in their student account.

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