In certain circumstances, it may be warranted to grant students the ability to attempt the same assessment multiple times. 


  • Assessments with no Due Date
  • Using Otus asynchronously for remote learning
  • "Check for understanding" assessments
  • Assessments that encourage further research or deliberation

How to Allow Multiple Attempts
After building your Assessment, select Assign:

  • Scroll to Settings
  • Under Student Attempts select Allow Multiple Attempts

Students - Retaking or Reviewing the Assessment

*Please note: For an assessment where all of the questions are auto-scored, there is no action required on the teacher's end once the student submits their first attempt. They will be able to start their second attempt immediately after turning in the assessment. If there are questions that need manual scoring, those questions will have to be graded before the student is able to start the next attempt.

When the student selects the graded assessment, they will be presented with two options:
Retake Assessment or Review.

If the student chooses Retake Assessment, they will be alerted that their prior assessment attempt will reset:

It's important to note that the student's previous work is not saved. Students will be starting the assessment from scratch.

If the student chooses Review, they will see the usual test results, grades, and teacher comments.

Teachers - Note on Regrading

The original grade results will be overwritten. You may also edit or delete your teacher comment.

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