Allow Post-Grading Review gives teachers the ability to return a graded assessment to students for their review. 


What does Allow Post-Grading Review impact?

  • This only impacts the student's view of the assessment after they've completed it.


How do I set Allow Post-Grading Review?

  • Select the assessment you'd like to assign from your drafts list.
  • Click the ellipsis to the right of the desired assessment and choose Assign.
  • Select the classes or students that will be taking the assessment.
  • Check the box for Allow Post-Grading Review.
  • Choose any other settings you'd like and then select Assign to make the assessment available to your students.


What do students see?

Students see the graded assessment in the assessment list and can click on the assessment in their list to review it. 

Any assessment that allows for multiple attempts and post grade review will show both options when the graded assessment is opened.

Students can then scroll through each question to review their responses.

Simple Assessment:

Advanced Assessment

Rubric Assessment

Here's what students see if post-grading review is not allowed.


Post-Grading Review FAQs

Can I have allow for review if students have already finished the assessment? Yes! You can edit assignment details at any time to allow the review.

Can students change any of their answers when they're reviewing their assessment? No. Post-grading review gives them access to a read-only version of their completed assessment.

Can I allow students to see their own responses but not show them the answer key? No. There is no setting to exclude the answer key.


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