PLEASE READ - IMPORTANT NOTE: For the students that will need to finish the assessment at a later time, ensure that the students exit the assessment and do not submit. Once they submit, the assessment will be locked and unable to be reopened, regardless of the settings of availability windows.

The availability window is ideal for when you do not want your students to have access to the assessment before or after a given timeframe. In the example below, the assessment will be available to the students only on August 29th from 1:15 pm until 2:15 pm.


What happens when the availability window ends?

If a student is in the assessment when the availability window ends...

  • the assessment will auto-submit
  • students will not be able to access the assessment again, even if the availability window is removed. 
  • this is what the student will see:

If a student exits the assessment without submitting before the availability window ends...

  • the assessment will not automatically submit.
  • they will be able to access that assessment again if the teacher removes the availability window or adds an additional availability window.
  • the student will still see the assessment, however, it will turn gray and will not be accessible until either the availability window is removed, or another is added:


Setting Multiple Availability Windows

  • This is recommended if you think the students will need more time.
  • The assessment will auto-submit when the last availability window ends.

Advice from the Otus Team!

  • To avoid auto submission, it is a great idea to set your last availability window for an indiscriminate date/time in the future; perhaps in the late evening or a lunch period a few days later.  This will give you the time to make sure all students submit the assessment before the last availability window closes, which will ultimately eliminate the possibility of auto-submission:

Here's where you can find more information on assigning assessments:

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