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Student Profile OverviewThe student profile is the central location for all data related to an individual student.
Main Student ProfileView information related to the student's progress through class performance and individualized learning plans.
Student Profile: Information SectionThe Information section has details for student groups, classes, family contacts and communication log, notes, and attachments.
Reviewing Rostering | Admin
Student Profile: Reports SectionThe reports section of the student profile contains logs of student assessments, recognitions, attendance, and 3rd party data.
Student Profile: Content SectionThe content section of the student profile contains the items added to the student portfolio.
Student Profile: Attachments to the Student ProfileTeachers can upload any kind of file to the student record, which stays with the student account from year to year.
Notes and Report Card CommentsAdd, view, edit, or delete notes and report card comments in the student profile.
Student Portfolio OverviewOverview of the student portfolio with links to additional information.
How to Add Items to the Student Portfolio | TeachersThis article will describe the process for adding items to the student portfolio.
How to Remove Items from the Student PortfolioThis article will describe the process for removing items from the student portfolio.
Family Communication LogView and add to the family communication log in the student profile.
Add Students To A ClassThis article will show you how to add students to a class via email address, class code, or CSV upload.
Locate Student CodeFind a student's code from a teacher, administrator, or student account.