Analytics Overview

The Analytics module allows users to visualize student data in many ways.

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The Analytics Module of Otus allows users to visualize student data in many different forms. This article will give a brief overview of the subsections of Analytics, with embedded links to more detailed information.

Teacher Location:

  • Analytics is toward the bottom of the navigation menu.

  • The Reports tab is not available in a teacher account.

Administrator Location:

  • Analytics is toward the top of the navigation menu.

  • The Reports tab is available in an administrator account.

❗ The Exports tab is only available in the Main Admin account.

3rd Party Analytics

3rd Party Data is any data gathered from local or state assessments that students take outside of their regular classroom assessments. Examples include NWEA, iReady, PSAT, SBAC, IAR, ACT, PFT. It is also possible to use 3rd Party to upload custom growth assessments. Reach out to your Otus Technology Coach or Otus Support for more information!

Attendance Analytics

Attendance analytics allows you to visualize both an attendance summary and individual attendance analytics per student (this is only going to be available if your district uploads attendance data into Otus).

Recognitions Analytics

Recognitions analytics allows you to visualize the recognitions that have been given based on individual students, classes, or type of recognition.

Assessment Analytics

Student performance on Otus Assessments can be viewed multiple ways using Assessment Analytics.

Standards Analytics

Standards Analytics allows you to view performance on standards that have been assessed.


(Main Admin / Admin Only)

In this section of Analytics, you can run a Query, Historical report, or Report Cards. This section is only available in Main Admin and Admin accounts.


(Main Admin Only)

The Exports page allows for downloads of CSV reports based on student usage data, teacher usage data, assigned assessments, and more. The Exports page is accessible to Main Admin accounts only.

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