Report cards can be generated from a admin or main admin account. You can run them from the standards gradebook or the points gradebook.

Below are examples of the first page of a standards-based and points-based report card. Continue reading to learn how to generate!

From the Analytics module, select Reports, and click on the Report Card tile.


Steps for Building the Report Cards

Step 1: Enter the Template Information

  • Title
  • Language
  • School Logo

Step 2: Choose the Student Population

  • Sites
  • Dates
  • Teachers
  • Groups
  • Grade Levels
  • Students

Step 3: Determine the Items to Include

  • Gradebook: Points, Standards, or both?
  • For the Standards Gradebook only: Mastery Setting, Scale, Standards
  • Optional items: Attendance, Notes, Grading Scale Key, Footer

*Points Gradebook Note: If you only want to see the percentages for each class rather than the list of assessments, uncheck the "Assessment Details" option.

Step 4: Export and Print!

  • Click the Export Button
  • You now have Otus Report Cards!



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