What is Query 2.0?

Query 2.0 is a report that allows you to identify and compare populations of students matching specific criteria across multiple data sources. It is designed for cases in which you have a set of criteria, and you need to know what students meet that criteria.

What are examples of ways you can use Query 2.0?

  • Identifying students for ELL services.
  • Middle school and high school placement.
  • Qualifications for programs of extra curricular activity.

Example Report:


Generating a Query 2.0 Report

Step 1: Enter the Analytics module. 

Step 2: Select Reports.

Step 3: Next, click on the Query 2.0 tile. 

Step 4: Title this query.

Step 5: Select your population by defining your cohort. Once at least one value is selected in a single Population category, you'll be able to toggle on "Exclude" for that category, excluding anything within the values you set for the category.

Step 6: Select Criteria. This can be a single criteria, or multiple.

*If you choose to add more that one criteria, select "AND" for the both criteria to be met by the student or select "OR" if you wish the students to meet at least one of the criteria.*

Step 7 (optional): Add a Matrix Value. By toggling on the matrix value, a point value, chosen by you, will be awarded to the students who meet this specific criteria.

When you have completed the steps above, select Run Report. 



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