There are many ways to use your Google integration within Otus, including:

  • Using Google Docs or Slides for grading.
  • Sharing Google Docs or Slides for viewing.
  • Embed a Google Form (in a Lesson or in an Advanced Assessment).
  • Using Google Meets.
  • Add a link to Google Classroom through the Otus Bookshelf.
  • Integrating Google Calendar.
  • Uploading a Google Doc to a student's profile (for teacher viewing only).

Each section below contains embedded links; click the links to see more in-depth explanations of using that feature.

Using Google Docs or Slides for Grading

  • If you want Otus to automatically make a copy of a document for students to work on and have them submit directly within Otus for grading, you can do that using a Rubric Assessment.
  • If you want your students to have editing or view only permissions on a Google Doc in an assessment, and you don't need them to each have their own copy, you can do that using an Advanced Assessment.

Sharing Google Docs or Slides for Viewing

  • If you want to provide view only access to a Google Doc, you can do that by adding it to an activity in a lesson.
  • If you want to provide view only access to a Google Doc without putting it directly into a lesson activity, you can do so by sharing it to the student's bookshelf

Embed a Google Form

You can embed a Google Form into a Lesson or into an Advanced Assessment.

Embed Into a Lesson

This can be done using a Page in a Lesson. For step-by-step directions, check out this article.

Embed Into an Advanced Assessment

This can be done in any question type or as a passage in our Advanced Assessment. Check out this article for more information.

Using Google Meet

  • If you want to provide a link to a Google Meet session for your students, you can do so by using the Mailbox or Lessons.

Calendar Integration

Uploading to the Student Profile

  • If you want to add a Google Doc as an attachment to a student for teacher viewing only, such as for record keeping purposes, you can do so by adding it to the student's profile.

Google Integrations FAQ

  • Can I transfer grades from Google Classroom to Otus? While you aren't able to directly transfer grades from one platform to the other, you can get your Google Classroom grades into the Otus gradebook by creating Plus Assessments. This will allow you to create a column in the gradebook for an assessment that wasn't taken in Otus. Click HERE for more information.
  • Can I transfer assessments I've already made in Google Classroom into Otus? While you aren't able to directly transfer assessments you've already made into Otus, there are a few options. You can provide a link to the assessment in Google Classroom using an Otus Lesson or the Otus Bookshelf, or you can recreate the assessment in Otus.
  • Why is it telling me I don't have permission to view my resources? You may need to log out and log back in using Google SSO (Google Single Sign-On). Sometimes, Otus just needs a refresh of your Google Login to regain permissions.
  • How can I see the work a student did on a Google Doc I shared in a lesson activity? Since the Google Doc linked in a lesson activity isn't directly embedded into Otus, you'll have to view that Doc in your Google Drive.
  • How can I stop from getting all of those Google Drive emails from my students? That is a setting you can adjust in your Gmail account. Here's how.  

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