While Otus is able to create unique copies of Google Docs for each of your students using Rubric Assessments, it can take up to three hours during peak times (per Google).

If you need these documents to get to your students sooner, there is another option: you can have your students create their own copy of the Google Doc (rather than Otus do it for them. Follow the steps below for more information!

  • Step 1: If you haven't already, you'll want to create your rubric assessment. If you already have a rubric assessment created, move on to Step 2.

  • Step 2: Under the Attachments section, select Choose File, then select the Google Drive option.

  • Step 3: Find the document you wish to attach and select Save. You'll want to keep the "Students can view file" setting as is - do NOT change it to make a copy!

  • Step 4: Assign the rubric assessment. For more information on rubric assigning settings, check out this resource.

Student Actions

  • Step 1: When students open their rubric assessment, they will see the attached Google Doc as both a file and directly imbedded into the Rubric Assessment. The student should select the linked file; this will take them directly to this document in their Google Drive.

  • Step 2: Have students make a copy of this doc.

  • Step 3: To submit this work, they will add this doc as a new attachment to the Rubric Assessment. First they will select + Another File, then the Google Drive option.

  • Step 4: They'll locate the new document and select Save. They'll see this document added as another attachment to their assessment. When they are ready, they can select Submit Assessment.

When you grade the rubric assessment, you will see their Google Doc as the second attachment on their rubric assessment:

Video Tutorial

Next Steps

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