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How to Filter Out Document Sharing Emails
How to Filter Out Document Sharing Emails

Shows you how to create a filter that puts all of the emails re: Google Doc sharing into a separate inbox. This cleans out your inbox.

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Based on the email platform you are using, there are ways to filter out the document sharing emails sent to you each time you use a Google Doc in a rubric assessment.

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When you share a copy of a Google Doc with your entire class, you will get a separate email notification from your Google Drive account for every student you share to. If you want to stay notified of your shares, but want to keep your inbox free of all of those emails, follow the instructions here.


  • Step 1: Select the Settings Icon, and click View All Outlook Settings.

  • Step 2: Select Rules and then click + Add new rule.

  • Step 3: Add a title and determine settings.

    • Add the title.

    • Under Add a condition, select Subject includes and type in Transfer of ownership

    • Under Add an action, select any option you desire. We recommend creating an Otus folder where all of the notification emails will be filtered to.

  • Step 4: Select Save. All incoming emails that have "Transfer of ownership" in the subject (which is what the email notifications say when a student is sharing a document) will follow the new rule.

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