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Class Board: Creating and Publishing a Post
Class Board: Creating and Publishing a Post
This article will show you how to create and post to your Class Board.
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The Class Board is used to publish announcements that both students and parents will see. To see a general overview of the Class Board before diving into creating and publishing a post, check out this article.

Here is an example Class Board post:

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Can class board posts be made to the entire school? Class board posts are made based on classes. There is no way to send a class board post to the entire school at once unless ALL students were in the same class.

Navigate to the Class Board

  • Step 1: Select the Classes module.

  • Step 2: Select Class Board from the submenu.

  • Step 3: Choose the class you'd like to post in with the drop-down.

  • Step 4: Select the + icon.

Build the Post

Add a Title

  • Can have letters, numbers, and symbols, with a maximum of 200 characters

Add Content

  • Text can be bold, italicized, or underlined.

  • Bulleted lists can be created.

  • Hyperlinks can be added.

Embed Images (optional)

  • Select the photograph icon and the image you'd like to add.

  • They will appear in the body of the text with a few formatting options.

  • 1 - Center the image.

  • 2 - Right-align the image.

  • 3 - Add alternative text. Alternative text is what will appear in place of the image in the case that the image fails to load for any reason.

  • 4 - Adds space above the image

  • 5 - Adds space below the image

  • 6 - Image caption, which will appear to the right of the image when the student looks at the post. The image caption does not appear when looking at the entire class board; only when looking at the individual post.

Add Attachments (optional)

  • Attachments will appear as a link within the post.

  • The first attachment will display with the post in preview mode.

  • Pictures and files can be downloaded by the viewer (shown with the download symbol to the far-right of the attachment)

  • Attachments will include the date and time they were uploaded.

  • Users simply select the attachment to view.

💡 Tip from the Otus Team: You can add up to 9 attachments to each class board post.

Adding Attachments Otus Live

Below is a video from our Otus Live series on how to add attachments to a class board post.

Select the Audience

The audience(s) represent the classes that will have this post published on their Class Board.

  • Each of your classes will be available as an audience.

  • You must select at least one in order for the post to be available to publish.

Settings: Comments and Scheduling for a Later Date


  • By default, the Enable comments box is unchecked.

  • To allow comments, you must check this box.

  • This setting can be changed after you publish (you can enable/disable comments at any time). If you disable comments after comments have already been made, those comments will no longer be visible. If you enable comments again, the comments will reappear.

  • The number of comments will display as a comment bubble on the preview of the post. See image below.

  • Comments will list below the post in the order that they were made (the first comment will appear at the top of the list). See image below.

  • Teachers are able to delete any comments made on the post.

  • Students can delete only their own comments.

  • Families are unable to comment on posts.

  • Families will be able to see the comments made by the teacher and their student(s) only. They will not be able to see the comments of other students.

Scheduling for a Later Date

  • Checking this box will give you the option to choose a date and time the post will be published.

  • If you schedule for a later date, the post will appear on your Class Board (teacher view) with a red Scheduled status. It will not post on the student's view of the Class Board until the set date. See image below.

Publish or Save as Draft

When you are finished building your post, you have the option to Publish or Save as Draft. The default selection is Publish.


  • Selecting Publish will publish the post to the Class Board immediately, unless it is set to post at a later date.

  • If the post is scheduled for a later date, it will appear on your Class Board with a red Scheduled status. See image below.

Save as Draft

  • Selecting Save as Draft will save the contents of your post, but it won't publish to the Class Board.

  • The post will appear with a blue Draft status on your Class Board. It will not be visible to the students until it is published. See image below.

Pinning to the Top of the Class Board

You can pin one post to the top of your class board. Pinning a post will keep that post at the top of the board until you decide to remove the pin or pin a different post.

  • Once you've identified the post you'd like to pin, select the ellipsis and then select Pin.

  • This will automatically move the post to the top of the board.

Important Note: If you've chosen to pin a post that is scheduled to publish at a later date...

  • It will move to the top of your class board (teacher view), but it will not appear at the top of the student's board until the scheduled date.

  • If there is a current pinned post, that post will be unpinned. We recommend not choosing to pin a post until it has been published.

For information on removing/replacing pinned posts, check out this article.

Otus Live Video

Below is a video from our Otus Live series on how to create a class board post.

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