You can pin one post to the top of your class board. Pinning a post will keep that post at the top of the board until you decide to remove the pin or pin a different post.

Pinning a Post

Once you've identified the post you'd like to pin, select the ellipsis, then select Pin.

  • This will automatically move the post to the top of the board.

  • The pushpin icon indicates that is the pinned post.

  • If you already have a pinned post, pinning a different post will remove the pin from the current pinned post. That post will then be moved to its spot in the list based on the date it was published.

Important Note: If you've chosen to pin a post that is scheduled to publish at a later date...

  • It will move to the top of your class board (teacher view), but it will not appear at the top of the student's board until the scheduled date.

  • If there is a current pinned post, that post will be unpinned. We recommend not choosing to pin a post until it has been published.

Remove Pin

You can unpin a post that is currently pinned.

  • Select the Pin icon, then select Remove Pin.

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