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How to Log in with ClassLink Single Sign-On
How to Log in with ClassLink Single Sign-On

This article will help you get set up with ClassLink Single Sign On (SSO) log-in.

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What is ClassLink Single Sign-On?

  • ClassLink Single Sign-On (ClassLink SSO) allows you to log in to Otus using the ClassLink button. If your ClassLink is connected to a Gmail or Microsoft email, this will allow you to utilize the integrations between Otus and Google or Otus and Microsoft.

Logging in Using ClassLink SSO

  • Step 1: Head on over to, and click the ClassLink button.

  • Step 2 (Option A): Select the Use QuickCard button to scan your ClassLink QuickCard to log in.

  • Step 2 (Option B): Select the LOGIN HERE option. This will bring you to a ClassLink Sign-in page, offering multiple options.

    • Option 1: Sign in using Username and Password.

    • Option 2: Sign in using Google. (This will enable the Otus and Google connection).

    • Option 3: Sign in using Microsoft. (This will enable the Otus and Microsoft connection).

    • Option 4: Use your ClassLink Quick Card, as in the previous option.

Congratulations! You have logged into Otus with ClassLink Single Sign-on!

💡 Tip from the Otus Team: For information regarding the Google or Microsoft integration with Otus, please review the articles below!

More Information

Here are a few resources from ClassLink:

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