Analytics allows you to visualize engagement and proficiency data.  You can generate a report for a class, group of students or individual student. Reports can be based on specific criteria that you select within the platform (assessment, attendance, grades, etc.)

In order to start a report, select Analytics from the home page.

Select the type of report that you would like to generate from the left side of the page. You can generate an Attendance, Recognition, Participation, Blog, Assessment, and Standards Report.

You can also access any 3rd party data that has been uploaded for your district.

Select Filter at the top right of the page to disaggregate data.

The filters available to you:

  • Sites (Admin Only)
  • Teachers (Admin Only)
  • Teacher Groups (Admin Only)
  • Gender¬†
  • Classes
  • Grade Level
  • Ethnicity/Race
  • Groups
  • Students

Select the All Time drop-down menu in order to adjust the time period.

When you are satisfied with the Filter and Time criteria, select Run Report.

Tutorial: Start with Analytics

*What Are My Next Steps?*

Once you have viewed the 3rd party analytics, you may want to try a few other things! Click below to learn about Assessment Analytics and building a Query!

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