This article provides a brief overview of the modules available to students. Each section has embedded links for more in-depth learning on each module.

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The Home module includes the Notification Feed and To Do List.

Notification Feed: The Notification Feed displays assigned content (assessment, lesson), awarded recognitions, and graded assessments.

To Do List: The To Do List displays any lessons that have not been completed

The Classes module displays a tile for each of their classes. Selecting a tile takes them to the Class Board for that class.

The Lessons module is where the student complete lessons assigned to them by their teacher.

The Bookshelf module is where the student can access all of the resources shared with them. They can also upload their own resources.

The Assessments module is where the students will take assessments or view assessments that have been graded.

The Gradebook module allows students view their grades for their classes.



The Reports module shows students any 3rd Party Data associated with their account.

*Please note - not all student accounts have this module.

The Blog module allows students to create posts, as well as comment on other student and teacher posts. 

The Portfolio module is where students can view anything they've added to their portfolio. They can also add new items to their portfolio here.


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