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Student Guide: Complete a Lesson
Student Guide: Complete a Lesson

For Students: Learn how to log in and complete a lesson.

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This step-by-step guide will show you how to log into Otus and complete the lessons that your teachers have assigned to you.

1️⃣ Log into Otus

Use your school email and password to log in.

Check with your teacher to see if you should use one of the sign-on options instead.

2️⃣ Head over to your Lessons and click on the lesson you want to start working on.

3️⃣ Click on an activity to read the instructions.

You may see a variety of activity types.


Open the link to visit an online resource. This could be an activity page or something to read. Come back to your activity to mark it completed.


Click download to download the file to your device. You'll have to open the file from your device to access the resource. Come back to your activity to mark it completed.


Read through the specific instructions provided by your teacher. Mark the activity completed.


Watch the embedded YouTube video and mark the activity completed.


Go to the assessment that has been assigned to you. Finish and submit the assessment. Then return to the activity to mark it completed.


Answer the question. It could be true/false, multiple choice, or short answer. Submit the question response to mark the activity completed.

🔒 Do you see lock symbols on your lesson tiles?

That just means you need to complete the activities in order. When you mark one activity completed, the next activity is opened.

4️⃣ Mark the activity Completed when you are finished.

5️⃣ Click Save & Exit if you need to finish parts of your lesson later.

6️⃣ The lesson will be marked Completed once all activities are completed.

Here's What You Need to Know:

  • Questions: Once you answer the question, the activity is marked completed and the answer cannot be changed.

  • You can uncheck the completed box any time if you completed it too early.

  • You can still access any of the completed activities or lessons in your lessons list.

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