The Lessons Module provides a way for teachers to create activities to distribute to their students. Continue reading to learn more!

Creating Lessons

  • Lessons are created by building activities.
  • Activities come in many different forms: a simple text entry to give directions, a resource attachment (such as PDFs, videos, images, audio clips, or Google Drive documents), bookshelf resources, and website links.


Assigning Lessons

  • Lessons can be assigned to individual students, groups of students, an entire class, or multiple classes at once.
  • Lessons can have a requirement to complete the activities in order or at random.
  • When students finish an activity, they mark it as complete.
  • Each student's progress can be monitored. 
  • Due dates can be added.


Previewing Lessons

  • Teachers can preview their lesson before they assign it. This is done from the drafts assessment page.
  • Administrators can preview any assessment that's been assigned by their teachers.
  • Please note - administrators will not be able to preview draft lessons of other teachers. If you'd like to preview a lesson made by another teacher, you can ask the teacher to share the lesson with you. Since draft lessons are unique to the account they were created in, only the creator of the lesson can preview it. For privacy reasons, the only one that can see your draft lessons is you; you aren't able to see other teacher's draft lessons.


Sharing Lessons

  • Teachers can share their lessons with other individual teachers.
  • Administrators can share their lessons with other administrators, individual teachers, or groups of teachers.


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