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Assign a Lesson

Learn how to assign a lesson.

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When you are ready for your students to complete a lesson, you will need to assign that lesson. Follow the steps below!

❗ You must have at least one activity in order to assign your lesson.

Select Assign

  • You can select Assign while in the lesson builder or from the draft lessons page. Select the ellipsis to the right of the lesson, then choose Assign.

Choose Lesson Settings


  • Select the class (or classes) you wish to assign to.

  • Select specific groups of students you'd like to assign to (optional).



  • Toggle the "Students must complete lesson activities in order" on or off. For more information on this setting, see the FAQs below.

Select Assign in the upper-right corner when you're ready to assign the lesson to your students.

Student View

Lessons will appear on the student's Notification Feed, To Do List, & Assigned Lessons page with a status of New!

Want to see how you can view the progress of your students on lessons? Check out this article.

FAQ and Troubleshooting

Click to see FAQ and troubleshooting details.

Why is the Assign button gray/inactive?

You may not have added activities to the lesson yet. A lesson has to have at least one activity to be assigned.

Can I assign the lesson for a later date?

Yes. Toggle the Assign at a Later Date (Optional) to the ON position, then select a start date from the dropdown menu. Check out this article for more information.

If the due date passes, can the students still complete the lesson?

Yes. The due date does not lock or disable the lesson in any way.

If I make edits to a lesson, do I have to assign the lesson again?

No, any updates you make to a lesson will automatically update for the students. There is no need to reassign.

What happens if I assign a lesson multiple times?

Students will see multiple instances of that lesson in their Lessons module. The preceding note about making edits to a lesson will apply to all assigned instances of that lesson.

How do I see the student progress of a lesson?

Click here for more information on viewing lesson progress.

Can I pace the students' activities?

Yes, you can assign the lesson so that the activities must be completed in order.

If I require that the students complete the lesson activities in order, what does that look like on the student's side?

The activities will appear inactive and will have a padlock symbol on them until the student marks the previous activity as complete.

Can I add a lesson to the Gradebook?

Lessons can’t be graded, and are not linked to the Gradebook directly. Only Assessments are designed to collect student work for a grade. So, if you want to record work related to a lesson in the Gradebook, you can approach it two different ways, depending on your goals:

  • Use a Plus Assessment. You can manually enter a grade directly into the Gradebook to represent students' work in the lesson. Click here for information about creating Plus Assessments in the Gradebook.

  • Create and assign an assessment to students, and then use the Assessment Activity feature of Lessons. An Assessment Activity is a shortcut for students to easily navigate from a lesson to a specific assessment. Click here for our article on Assessment Activities.

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