Notification Feed:

The Notification Feed will display:

  • Content that a student has been assigned
  • Recognitions awarded
  • Items that have been graded

*Note: currently, notifications for Assessments, Lessons, Recognitions, Class Board, and Blog are available. Notifications for Bookshelf, Portfolio, and Attendance are coming soon!

To Do List:

  • Displays any lessons that have not been completed
  • The purple bar will show the progress of the lesson and the numbers on the right show number of activities completed in that lesson vs. number of activities in the lesson. *Example: 7/9 (seven out of nine activities have been completed.)
  • The orange ! icon will appear 72 hours before a lesson is due and the date will turn orange if the due date has passed.

*Once a lesson is complete, it will be removed from the To Do list.

Assessment Notifications

Clicking on an assessment notification will take you straight to the assessments module. These notifications are sent for both when an assessment has been assigned, and when it has been graded.

Lesson Notifications

Clicking on a lesson notification will take you directly to your lessons module.

Class Board Notifications

Clicking on class board notifications will take you directly to that class board post. From there, the you can view and comment on the post.

Recognition Notifications

Clicking on a recognition notification will take you directly to their list of recognitions for that class.

Blog Notifications

Clicking on a blog notification will take you directly to that Blog post. From there, you can view or leave a comment.

Coming Soon! Notification Feed for Bookshelf, Portfolio, and Attendance

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