Accessing the Class Board

Students can access the Class Board in two ways: they can select the notification on their home feed, or they can navigate to their Classes module, then select the class tile.

Once on the Class Board, the students will see the posts from the class they clicked on.

  • 1 - Class dropdown list: students can choose from their different classes here.
  • 2 - Search: search through the posts by title or keyword.
  • 3 - Title and content preview of the post.
  • 4 - Date and time the post was published
  • 5 - Pushpin icon: indicates that post is a pinned post and will remain at the top of the board.
  • 6 - Comments and attachments: will display a comment bubble if comments are allowed, and a paperclip icon if there are attachments.

Students can select anywhere on the post to see the full post.


Viewing and Commenting on a Post

  • Students will see the content of the post, along with the audience, author, attachments, and comments (if enabled).
  • Selecting an attachment will open the attachment.
  • Students can comment by selecting the comment button. If the comment button does not appear, this indicates the teacher did not enable comments for that particular post.

  • Comments can be up to 200 characters in length.
  • Comments are unable to be edited, but they can be deleted. If the student needs to, they can delete their comment and post a new comment.
  • Teachers can delete any student comment.


Next Steps

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