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Getting Started Guide for Students
Getting Started Guide for Students

Learn a bit about each of the modules of Otus and how you'll use them.

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Take a quick look at each module of Otus and how you'll use it throughout the school year.

Select the button below to get a quick overview of each module and familiarize yourself with some of the great features that Otus has to offer for every user type.

🏠 Home

When you log in, the first thing you'll see is Home.

The Notification Feed displays assigned content (assessment, lesson), awarded recognitions, and graded assessments.

The To Do List displays any assigned assessments and lessons that have not been completed

📓 Classes

Each one of your classes has a tile. Click on any class tile to see the Class Board for that class.

🖥 Lessons

Here is where you will complete any lessons that your teacher assigned.

📚 Bookshelf

The Bookshelf is a place for you to access resources that your teacher has shared or upload your own resources.

📝 Assessments

Take the assessments that have been assigned to you or view your graded assessments.


Your Gradebook allows you to view your grades for each class. You can view all of your assessments or view your standards progress.



🗺 Plans

Some schools create individualized learning plans to track student growth over time. These plans can be viewed and updated in student and family accounts.

❗ Access to this module is based on district settings.

📊 Reports

Some districts provide access to results from any 3rd party assessments you've taken. These are things like state tests, i-Ready, STAR Reading or NWEA.

❗Access to this module is based on district settings.

✍️ Blog

The Blog module allows you to create posts or comment on other student and teacher posts. 

💻 Portfolio

Add any of assessments, blogs or uploaded items you'd like to save for the future to your portfolio.

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