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Student Groups OverviewStudent groups can be created at the district level or at the class level.
Upload Student AttendanceOtus allows the uploading of attendance data for utilization in analytics and report cards.
Otus Change Management SupportEvery client receives support and guidance navigating the change management needed to implement Otus.
External Tool Activities (LTI) for LessonsHow to add an external tool, such as Playposit, to an Otus Lesson as an activity.
Ways Otus Provides Student AccommodationsHere are ways in which Otus can provide accommodations to students that may need them.
Glossary of Otus Terms and DefinitionsThis article contains an alphabetical glossary with the terms Otus uses throughout the platform.
Add Images, Video, or Audio in OtusDetails regarding using images, video, and audio in Otus, including file size limits and acceptable file types.
Otus for Support StaffWays support staff such as school counselors, psychologists, and social workers can use Otus.
Share an Idea with UsRead how a user can share feedback and ideas for Otus improvements.
Upload and Share Files as a StudentWays a student can upload files such as photos, videos, audio recordings, Google Drive attachments, and One Drive attachments.
Otus and Your Existing SIS: A Partnership, Not a ReplacementDiscover How Otus Complements Your Student Information System (SIS), Enhancing Capabilities Without Replacing Essential Functions
Otus Proficiency Assessments GuideThe Otus Proficiency assessments encompass Reading, Language Usage, and Math from Kindergarten through 8th grade.