Access the Gradebook

Step 1: To view your students’ results in the Points gradebook, navigate to the Gradebook module.  

Step 2: Use the drop down menu to specify which class you wish to view data in. Be sure you are in t he "Points" gradebook in the top right hand corner.

Gradebook Breakdown

Total Grade

Total grade is presented in two (possibly three) ways.

  • Points: This is the total points this student has earned from all assessments in this class.
  • Percentage: Total percentage based on points earned vs. points possible.
  • Grade Conversion: If your district has this feature turned on, the total point/percentage value will be converted into a specific level.

❗If weighting is turned on, points will not be visible, only the percentage.

Assessment Columns

Each column (after First Name, Last Name, and Total ) is a single assessment starting with the most recently assigned, and each row is the individual student’s score.

Assessment are listed in order of most recently assigned. To change the order of the assessments, add or adjust the due date. Here is how!

❗Hovering over the column title will give you the complete assessment name, as well as the due date (if applicable).

Points Earned

Points earned per assessment will be listed under the assessment column. You can edit the points earned by double clicking the point value. You can then select
"enter" or "return" to jump down to the next student!


The status for each assessment can either be On Time, Late, Excluded, Excused or Missing.  Edits can be made to the status by double clicking on that area.


Selecting the speech bubble will enable you to add a comment for the student to read. If the speech bubble is already grey, this means a comment has been added. Clicking on the bubble will open the comment for you to edit if you need.

Exporting and Printing 

To export and/or print your gradebook, click the ellipses in the upper-right hand corner. Select Download as CSV. This will export the gradebook into your spreadsheet program (Microsoft Excel, Numbers, etc.).

Next Steps

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