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  • Create and assign alternate versions of lessons.

  • Create and assign alternate versions of assessments.

  • Ability to create groups of students to streamline the process of distributing differentiated resources.

  • Create and update district-specific, itemized learning plans for any student.

Assessment Accommodations

  • Teachers can add video recordings to go along with the assessment questions.

  • Teachers can add audio recordings to go along with the assessment questions.

  • Students can add video recordings to Rubric and Advanced assessments.

  • Students can add audio recordings to Rubric and Advanced assessments.

  • Assessments can be printed so students can take them on paper (keeping in mind that some question types on advanced assessments are not conducive to printing).

  • For Advanced and Simple Assessments, teachers can activate the Lockdown Browser, which locks down the testing environment and removes any visual distractions from the screen.

➡️ Specific to Advanced Assessments

Accessibility options include:

  • Making the assessment full-screen (eliminates the possible distraction of the Otus primary navigation bar).

  • Color scheme change: the ability to change the background and foreground colors of the assessment to accommodate any visual deficits. Options include:

    • Black on white (default)

    • Grey on light grey

    • Purple on light green

    • Black on violet

    • Yellow on navy

    • White on black

  • Adjust the Font Size of the entire assessment (regardless of the font size it was created in). Options include:

    • Small (75%)

    • Normal (100%)

    • Large (125%)

    • Extra large (150%)

    • Huge (175%)

  • A list of keyboard shortcuts for zooming in and out, including:

    • Zoom in: Command Plus (+): (will zoom in incrementally each time the + key is pressed)

    • Zoom out: Command Minus (-): (will zoom out incrementally each time the key is pressed.

    • Reset zoom: Command 0: the browser returns to the default zoom level.

  • A free integration with Texthelp offers a variety of additional accessibility tools, including:

    • text-to-speech read aloud

    • talking single word translator

    • talking dictionary

    • picture dictionary

    • highlighters.

  • Ability to enable student annotations while taking the assessment that include:

    • notepad

    • sticky note

    • drawing mode

  • Ability to customize a mathematical/symbolic keypad for use on assessment questions

Assistive Technology

  • Otus is designed to function on any touch-screen device.

Technical Support

  • Otus offers technical support to families in their native language

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