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❗ This option is a setting available in Advanced Assessments only. If you haven't created an Advanced Assessment yet, or would like to see the beginners guide to Advanced Assessments, check out the link below:

Student Annotations

One of the optional settings available for assigning an Advanced Assessment is to give students the tools for annotating including a notepad, sticky notes, highlight tool, and drawing tool. When this setting is used, the students will have a mini-menu to choose from while taking an Advanced Assessment. These actions will be available on each item of the assessment.

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How to Enable Annotations

When you assign the Advanced Assessment, make sure to check the box for Allow Student Annotations in the Settings menu.

Student Access:

When the student begins the Advanced Assessment, they will select the menu In the upper-right corner of the screen to have access to the annotation tools.


The notepad allows the students to take running notes as they complete the assessment.

  • Notes taken on the notepad will travel from question to question. Think of it like an actual notebook - as the student takes the assessment, the notes taken while on any question will remain on the notepad as they move through the assessment.

  • The notepad can be moved around the screen.

  • Closing out the notepad will not delete the notes - the student will just need to click on the notepad option again from the mini-menu, and the notes will reappear.

Sticky Notes

Adding a sticky note to a question allows students to attach notes to just a single question, rather than keeping it on the notepad (which takes it from question to question).

  • Notes left on a sticky note will be available only for the question the note is left on; it will not travel from question to question.

  • The sticky note can't be moved around the screen, but it can be hidden by selecting Hide sticky notes from the mini-menu.

  • A deleted sticky note is unable to be recovered - a warning message will appear prior to deleting the sticky note.

Drawing Mode

Drawing mode allows the student to make free-hand drawings anywhere on the item.

  • Students can choose from four colors of the pen. They can also erase.

  • Selecting Hide drawings from the mini-menu will hide the drawings from view, but will not erase them.

Highlight Tool

Students can highlight text.

  • When a student uses their mouse to "click and drag" over a selection of text, the Highlight function will appear just above their selection.

  • They will have four colors to choose from.

  • The highlights will remain on the question as the student navigates the assessment (it will not erase when the student moves from question to question).

Otus Live Video

Below is a video from our Otus Live series on student annotations in Advanced Assessments.

Annotations FAQ

  • Will I be able to see the student's notes/drawings when they submit their assessment? No - student annotations are just for student use as they take they assessment. They are not submitted along with the assessment.

  • Do the notes/drawings save if the student exits the assessment? No - student annotations do not save when the assessment is exited (even if the assessment is saved). Annotations will re-set if the student exits and re-enters the assessment.

  • Can I turn this setting on/off after the assessment has already been assigned? Yes - this setting can be adjusted after the assessment has already been assigned.

  • Can I enable just one of the features (for example, just the notepad)? No - student annotations are a package - each of the features will be available if annotations are allowed.

  • If Allow Post Grading Review is enabled, will the student be able to see their annotations when they view their graded assessment? No - annotations are not saved upon submitting the assessment.

  • Do these features work if students are taking the assessment on an iPad? Yes - all of the features work the same way if used on an iPad.

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