Time Limit allows teachers to determine how long students have to finish an assessment.

How does a time limit impact an assessment?

  • Students have a pre-determined amount of time to complete the assessment.

  • The clock starts when students choose to start the assessment.

  • Assessments will automatically be submitted when the time runs outs and students cannot go back in to finish if they did not already.

How to Enable a Time Limit

  • Step 1: Select the assessment you'd like to assign from your drafts list.

  • Step 2: Click the ellipsis to the right of the desired assessment and choose Assign.

  • After determining the students, due dates, start dates, availability windows, and instructions, check the box for Time Limit and enter the number of minutes students should have to take the assessment.

  • Select Assign to make the assessment available to your students.

Student Actions

  • Students have a set amount of time from the moment they open the assessment and click start. They will see the time remaining at the top of their screen.

  • The clock will continue to countdown until they submit and finish the assessment. If students do not finish in the allotted time, the assessment will lock and be submitted automatically. 

For Simple Assessments:

Students see a running clock above the list of question numbers. When time is up, a pop-up tells the student that their assessment was submitted for them.

For Rubric Assessments:

Students see a running clock in the top right corner. When time is up, a pop-up tells the student that their time has expired and they are required to submit. When they click Okay, it submits automatically.

For Advanced Assessments:

Students see a running clock in the upper left corner. When time is up, a pop-up tells the student that their time is up. When they click Yes, the assessment is submitted automatically.

Time Limit FAQs

  • Can I change a time limit? Yes! You can edit your assignment settings at any time. If students have already submitted the assessment, they will not get additional time. This article shows you how to edit assignment details.

  • Can I remove the time limit? Yes! You would uncheck the time limit box to remove the time limit for any students that had not already taken the assessment. This article will outline that process for you.

  • What if students didn't finish within the time limit? Can they go back in and finish? No, there is not a way to re-open an assessment for students once it's been submitted. You would need to assign a retake using one of the options here.

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