Now that you've started to build an advanced assessment, you may want to add a question in which your students can record a video as their answer (or part of their answer).

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In the Video Recorder question, the student is able to use their device's camera to record a video as an answer to a question. Students will be able to playback their recording as well.


❓ Are there browsers or devices that do not support this question type?

  • This question type is not supported in the Safari web browser or Otus iPad app.

  • If students are using iPads, this question IS supported by using Otus through the Chrome web browser.

Build the Question

After you choose to create your own item, select the Written and Recorded category from the options on the left, then select Video Recorder.

Step 1: Compose Question

  • Compose Question: type the content of the question into this section.

  • You have many formatting options from the Rich Text toolbar, including changing the font size, adding tables, using math symbols, adding multimedia, and more! Click here for more information on the different functions of the Rich Text toolbar.

Step 2: Set the Maximum Length and Overwrite Settings

  • Maximum length (seconds): refers to the maximum length the video can be - when the student reaches this limit, the video will stop recording automatically. This value is set to 600 seconds by default (which is the maximum allowed).

  • Overwrite warning: enabled by default, this will warn the student when they are about to overwrite their previous video recording with a new one.

Set the Scoring

  • Expand the More options section.

  • Set the point value by entering a number into the Max score field.

  • If you'd like students to earn points for just attempting the question, enter a number into the Minimum score if attempted field.

  • This question must be manually scored.

More Options

This question type only has one additional setting.

Layout Option:

Font size: In the Font size dropdown menu, you can change the font size of all components of the question to small, normal, large, extra large, or huge.

Student Preview

It's highly recommended to Preview the question before adding it to the assessment. This displays the question as the students will see it, and it also allows you to experiment with the recording features.

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Otus Live Video

Below is a video from our Otus Live video series that shows how to add video or audio recorder questions to your Advanced Assessments.

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