Overview: Lessons
This article provides a general overview of the Lessons module.
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The Lessons Module provides a way for teachers to create activities to distribute to their students. Continue reading to learn more.

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Creating Lessons

Previewing Lessons

  • Teachers can preview their lesson before they assign it. This is done from the drafts lessons page or from within the lesson builder.

  • Administrators can preview any lesson that's been assigned by their teachers.

Using Lesson Folders

  • Organize your lessons using folders.

Assigning Lessons

  • Lessons can be assigned to individual students, groups of students, an entire class, or multiple classes at once.

    • ❗Un-enrolled students will still show in assigned lessons once they leave.

  • Lessons can have a requirement to complete the activities in order or at random.

  • Due dates and start dates can be added.

  • When students finish an activity, they mark it as complete.

  • Each student's progress can be monitored.

Lessons will appear on the student's Notification Feed, To Do List, & Assigned Lessons page with a status of New!

Viewing Lesson Progress

  • You can view progress per activity and progress by individual student.

Send a Copy of a Lesson

  • Teachers can send copies of their lessons to other individual teachers.

  • Administrators can send copies of their lessons to other administrators, individual teachers, or groups of teachers.

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