Otus allows family members to view and access information for all of the classes that their student(s) are enrolled in. This access provides family members with insight into their student’s classroom.

From the home screen, family members will see their student(s).

Family members are able to add students by entering the Student Code. Click Add a Student to add your child to your account, located at the top right hand corner.

The student code can be located in the student profile when the student is logged in. The student code can also be provided by the teacher. Enter the Student Code. Family members can also specify their relationship to the student they're adding.

Family members are able to view calendar events such as due dates and class events for the student. They can use the dropdown along the top to switch students if they are connected to multiple students.

Family members are able to view class information for their student(s).

When the class tile is selected, the family member will be able to view the Class Board. The Class Board is used by the teacher as a place to post general announcements about each class and to post homework or projects that are due. In many cases, the Class Board can take the place of a classroom newsletter and will keep a running list of communications that are sent to students and families.  No more paper!

Family members are also able to access any online resources from their student’s bookshelf. Bookshelf resources are links that have been shared by the teacher or saved by the student.

By selecting Gradebook, family members will be able to view overall student grades for each class at the top of the screen. When the class name is selected, all assessments and grades for each assessment will appear.

Points Gradebook:

Standards Gradebook: 

Teachers use the Blog feature in Otus as a discussion board about different topics. Family members have access to view their student’s blog post(s), in addition to any comments on the post(s).

Otus gives family members a simple way to contact teachers. By selecting the envelope icon on one of the student class tiles, family members can email  their student’s teacher with one click. Family members can also click on the Email All Teachers button to send an email to all of their student's teachers at once.

Family members also have the ability to view the student’s portfolio. The student portfolio shows class assessments that have been chosen by the student and/or teacher. The portfolio can contain items to track learning goals and highlight exceptional work.

Family members can click on the items to view the student work in the portfolio. Comments by the student or the teacher will be located to the right!

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